Indianapolis Monthly: Pocket Neighborhoods Start to Fill Up Indy

Pocket Neighborhoods Start To Fill Up Indy

A storybook community in Hamilton County inspires a sequel in Zionsville.

Indianapolis Monthly | May 2016

In Carmel, gawking isn’t reserved for mansions. Inglenook, located in a relatively modest zip code near 99th Street and Westfield Boulevard, incites its share of double takes without the power of five-digit square footage. Colorful dollhouse cottages cozy together along communal greens, sidewalks lead to front stoops, and built-in flower boxes overflow on tidy porches, resembling the Florida Panhandle villages Hoosiers frequent on family vacations…”

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Zionsville Current: Inglenook Pocket Neighborhood coming to Zionsville

Inglenook Pocket Neighborhood coming to Zionsville

By Mark Ambrogi

Zionsville Current | March 2016

“The pocket neighborhood concept is coming to Zionsville.

Inglenook of Zionsville will feature 48 cottage homes clustered in small groups around common green spaces. The development will be on 17 acres of woodlands just south of 106th Street on Zionsville Road. The exact name of the neighborhood is to be determined…”

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Zionsville Times Sentinel Announces New Inglenook of Zionsville Pocket Neighborhood

Good news travels quickly! Land Development and Building is excited to announce plans for an upcoming Inglenook pocket neighborhood in Zionsville. Plans are still being finalized and we hope to have an official announcement with additional details later this Spring.

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In the meantime please stop by Inglenook of Carmel to get a feel for pocket neighborhood living and to see Inglenook of Carmel’s final cottage home – the Iris!   If you would like to schedule a private tour outside of office hours please contact us at 317.767.9760.

Professional Builder Magazine Project Profile: Inglenook of Carmel

Professional Builder Magazine Project Profile:  Inglenook of Carmel

By: Susan Bady

Professional Builder Magazine | May 2013

“Until recently Carmel, Indiana has been a city of large single-family homes in conventional subdivisions.  Builder/developer Casey Land of Land Development & Building Company, Indianapolis, is offering a very different experience: smaller homes clustered around a shared common area…”

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Pocket neighborhood making debut

Current in Carmel

“Pocket” Making Debut

CARMEL, IN – Inglenook, a new “pocket” neighborhood, is under development on Carmel’s southside. In the past, Carmel has been a city focused on large, single family homes in standard, subdivision-style developments. Inglenook’s developer, Casey Land of LAND Development & Building, is hoping to change all of that by offering a different neighborhood experience.

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Demand for smaller homes fuels new trend in central Indiana

13 WTHR Indianapolis
Demand for smaller homes fuels new trend in central Indiana

CARMEL, IN – There is a growing trend and demand for smaller homes. While condominiums have filled a void for empty nesters and first-time home buyers, one north side developer is using a decades-old idea to build neighborhoods, not subdivisions.

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Share Common Ground

AARP Bulletin
Share Common Ground

Rosemary Fowler calls them “the parade of gawkers.” Every night after dinner, as she sits in the white wicker chaise on her front porch, she sees them stream by to check out her cozy neighborhood-in-the-making.


The Carmel, Ind., nurse, 56, is not surprised that her sunny yellow house, and the seven other two-story cottage-style homes in various stages of completion, are attracting attention. Instead of a street separating the $225,000-to-$400,000 homes that face one another, a landscaped courtyard divides them. Visitors walk to the front door of each home through a common walkway.

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The Newest Cottage Industry

The Wall Street Journal
The Newest Cottage Industry

In Indianapolis, developer Casey Land learned of the small home developments in an industry magazine and hired Mr. Chapin for a 21-cottage project. The houses  will range in size from 875 to 1,600 square feet. At first, Mr. Land says, his  bankers were skeptical, especially those living in 3,000-square-foot homes.  “We’re all downsizing,” he says. “It’s tough to do, but we’re all getting  there.” He predicts the social life will be a stronger draw than square footage.  “These days, we drive to the house, open the garage door, go in,” he says. “But  it’s important to get to know your neighbors. I think people miss that.”

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