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Indiana Custom Home Builder

Land Development & Building is a privately held small business focused on creating unique, sustainably built homes within vibrant, cohesive communities.

We design our custom homes and Pocket Neighborhoods to emphasize front porch living, connecting homeowners more directly to their environment and to one another.

Whether it’s within our Pocket Neighborhoods or on your own lot, we look forward to working with you to build a custom cottage home to celebrate everyday life and connections.

“… I appreciated that the building standard options were high end and custom as is, so you weren’t overwrought with making decisions on every detail, but that Casey was flexible where you did want to deviate.   A year and half later, I’m still receiving compliments any time someone comes to my cottage.  And the icing on the cake is the tight-knit community and the friendships and comfort my neighbors provide.”



How are we different?

We Build With You

A well-designed home is a true reflection of its homeowners. As we build, we work hand-in-hand to bring your Cottage Home vision to life – customizing the home designs to reflect the way you live. We build relationships as we build homes. As our client, we work for you; as our partner, we work with you.

We Build Smarter, Not Bigger

We offer numerous different Ross Chapin cottage home designs – planned to maximize every square inch of living space, and built out of sustainable materials that maintain their strength and quality. From the colorful exterior paint and private flower boxes to the custom built-ins and detailed design, each cottage home is unique to its homeowners.

We Believe in Community

Designed in collaboration with renowned architect Ross Chapin, community is at the heart of our Pocket Neighborhoods. Each pocket of cottage homes is intimately nestled along gardens, woodlands, or an open courtyard space. Whether it’s walking your dog along the community greens or sipping tea on the front porch, these daily interactions with neighbors build lasting relationships.

Custom Indiana Home Builder
Custom Cottage Home Builder
Custom Indiana Cottage Home Builder

We look forward to meeting you soon!

Please reach out to schedule a meeting with Casey, our builder, or to schedule a private tour at one of our existing Pocket Neighborhoods.

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