Only 5 Home Sites Still Available At Inglenook of Carmel

In the first three months of 2014 Inglenook happily welcomed several new families into the Inglenook community! With the sales of the final Betty Sue, a custom-built Iris, Ellis, Plumrose, and the model Ellis, Inglenook’s cozy, little neighborhood is filling up.


Five home sites are still available on the west side of Maple Drive – #13, 20, 23, 26, and 27.  Homes sites #13 and #20 are currently under construction – an Iris with a full front porch and a Madrona respectively.  The Iris, Ross Chapin’s latest cottage home design, was built specifically for Inglenook and is a meld between the Ellis and the Madison.  This Iris will be completed and move-in ready in July.   The completion of the Madrona is hot on the heels of the Iris with finishing touches being put on in the months of August and September.  The final three open home sites will house another Iris and two Plumrose homes!

Stop on by, see the new construction, and experience the growing community!  Inglenook’s sales office is open Wednesday-Friday, 1-5PM and Saturday-Sunday, 1-4PM.  To schedule a private tour please email us at or contact us at 317.767.9760.

March Inglenook Neighborhood News


The Westside of Inglenook is on the rise!  The busy bees on our Inglenook building team have been hard at work with the front nine home sites all under construction.  Seven of these home sites have already been claimed for custom-built homes.  The two remaining cottage homes currently being built are Ross Chapin’s latest home design, the Iris and a Madrona.


Our cozy little community is filling up!  Recent sales of a custom-built Ellis, Iris, and Betty Sue have 22 out of 27 home sites sold!

Congratulations and warm welcomes to the newest members of the Inglenook family – the Konnersmans, Sophie, and Kim!  Looking forward to seeing you around the neighborhood!



Interior decorator Cathy Chitwood from Drake Interiors is joining us at Inglenook for a complimentary Mantle and Bookshelf design class. Cathy’s class will be open to Inglenook friends and families and will be held on Wednesday, April 23rd and Thursday, April 24th from 6 – 7 pm!  To reserve a spot please call 317-566-6500  or email  Tours of Inglenook’s latest homes will be offered directly before (5-5:45PM) and following (7-7:45PM) the class.

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Neighborhood Porch Party


Thanks to all who came out to help celebrate Mardi Gras at Inglenook!  We had a wonderful time visiting with friends new and old.  The day was kicked off with the inaugural Krewe of Inglenook parade complete with a grand marshal, band, and a float!




The weather is warming up and houses are going up at Inglenook!  Basements have been dug for home sites #5, 6, and 7 – a custom-built extended Ellis, Iris, and the final Betty Sue respectively.  The East Side neighborhood construction is wrapping up with finishing touches being put on the sold Betty Sue and first ever Iris!


A wintery warm welcome to our newest Inglenook Family – Bambi and Noah – who moved in last month!


The Coho on home site #14 has recently sold, leaving one final home site available for a Coho.  If you’re interested in a Coho be sure to stop by soon and talk to Casey, our builder, or Amanda!

Home site #22 has also recently been reserved for a custom-built Plumrose.  This particular Inglenook family is changing up the home’s layout a bit to better fit their needs.  They’ll work hand-in-hand with Casey, our builder, and our architects from Ross Chapin Architects to complete their dream plan.



This Spring Inglenook is playing host to the lovely ladies of the Indianapolis Junior League, as well as interior decorator Cathy Chitwood.  Cathy will be holding an interior decorating class that focuses on built-ins!  Cathy’s class will be held on Thursday, April 24th from 6-7PM!

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Demand for smaller homes fuels new trend in central Indiana

13 WTHR Indianapolis
Demand for smaller homes fuels new trend in central Indiana

CARMEL, IN – There is a growing trend and demand for smaller homes. While condominiums have filled a void for empty nesters and first-time home buyers, one north side developer is using a decades-old idea to build neighborhoods, not subdivisions.

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Share Common Ground

AARP Bulletin
Share Common Ground

Rosemary Fowler calls them “the parade of gawkers.” Every night after dinner, as she sits in the white wicker chaise on her front porch, she sees them stream by to check out her cozy neighborhood-in-the-making.


The Carmel, Ind., nurse, 56, is not surprised that her sunny yellow house, and the seven other two-story cottage-style homes in various stages of completion, are attracting attention. Instead of a street separating the $225,000-to-$400,000 homes that face one another, a landscaped courtyard divides them. Visitors walk to the front door of each home through a common walkway.

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First Home Buyers in Indianapolis Find Home Sweet Home at Inglenook

Buying Your First Indianapolis New Home: Is Now the Time?

The market for Indianapolis new homes is on the rise, which has many first time buyers wondering if now is the time to lock in low housing prices and rates for a new home purchase. So what’s right for you?


Buying Smart in a Buyer’s Market


Buyers have a great opportunity today – prices and rates are still low, but the Indianapolis real estate market has strengthened consistently for each of the last 6 months. This means lower inventory, which boosts prices (and interest rates could soon follow). Each increase in prices and rates diminishes a buyer’s purchasing power, so buying now can be a smart move for buyers who want more features in their home and a highly desirable location.


Programs and Services for Home Buyers


One of the first steps in buying your first Indianapolis new home is to acquire financing.  Review your own finances and establish your budget; see how much you can afford to put down and what you can comfortably handle for monthly mortgage payments.


Indiana offers several programs and support options which make home buying affordable for many people.  The Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority has programs for first-time buyers, special interest rates programs, and programs requiring no down payment.


Something Old or Something New?


Buying an older house is great, but can require costly updating, renovation, or repairs.  Buying a new home means everything is brand new and just the way you want it on the day you move in, which means you have more time to enjoy your home (and often more money in your pocket!)  The key to new home development is to find a reputable builder who will work with you to design the right house for your lifestyle and budget.


Get to Know Your Builder Personally


At Inglenook, we are on-site almost everyday to answer questions during each step of building your new home. It’s a personal relationship that you won’t find with most home builders, and when you’re buying your first home that kind of personal attention and commitment is priceless.


Located just north of Indianapolis, the Inglenook pocket neighborhood allows you to remain close to the city without having the feeling of being overwhelmed by the daily city grind.  The community consists of twenty-seven cottage home sites.  All homes are designed with large front porches and are centered around tranquil community gardens and neighbor-friendly walk-ways.


Each home is thoughtfully positioned with its neighbor to create a sense of community, while still providing privacy via attached garages, workshops and private balconies.


Discover Inglenook for Yourself


The Inglenook cottages are open every Saturday and Sunday from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.


With six different floor plans and move-in ready options, the Inglenook community offers a solution that is sure to meet your needs.  Take the next step towards living in your dream home and email us or call 877.395.3955 to schedule an appointment today.


We will be closed this Sunday, May 13th for Mother’s Day.

Baby Boomers Retire Smart in Pocket Neighborhoods

We’re excited to have the Inglenook community recently featured in AARP magazine as smart alternative for Baby Boomers looking for smaller retirement homes that are community oriented, well-designed, eco-friendly, and closeness to shops, restaurants, and entertainment.


The Perfect Solution

Opting out of the hustle and bustle of most suburban neighborhoods, many Baby Boomers have discovered the peaceful tranquility provided by pocket home communities.  Tucked away in a small neighborhood just north of Indianapolis in Carmel’s Clay Township, Inglenook allows residents the ability to be close to it all without all the chaos and constant sprawl city dwelling.


The floor plans of the Inglenook homes are perfect for Boomer seeking alternatives to retirement communities.  The beautiful throw-back feel of the Inglenook cottages are created for modern living with the amenities now expected by all of us.


A True Sense of Community


Designed with the intention of fostering a close-knit community where neighbors can connect and friendships develop, the Inglenook site plan provides for a closeness that many Baby Boomers have found missing in traditional suburban neighborhoods.


With common walkways and garden areas, the Inglenook community offer ample opportunities for neighbors to connect and fosters a true sense of community.  While the strategically placed windows, workshops, private gardens, garages and balconies, neighbors are able stay connected and still maintaining an air of privacy.



Not Just a House

Inglenook communities are more than just beautifully designed houses; they are masterfully architected communities that provide the connection and support of Rockwell neighborhoods of the past, in tranquilly designed cottage homes full of the amenities of today.


Inglenook floor plans, with their contemporary styling and space-saving layouts, are gracious without feeling overwhelming.  The beautifully designed interiors provide a quaint, cozy feeling whiles the open floor plans and strategically placed windows give you an ample sense of room to spread out.

Experience Your Dream

The Inglenook cottages are open every Saturday and Sunday from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.


With six different floor plans and move-in ready options, the Inglenook community offers a solution that is sure to meet your needs.  Take the next step towards living in your dream home and email us or call 877.395.3955 to schedule an appointment today.


We will be closed this Sunday, May 13th for Mother’s Day.

Why we do what we do – Wall Construction that saves you money

Most people don’t think about how thick their house walls are when buying a home.  In an effort to provide the lowest possible cost of a home to the buyer, most builders construct houses with perimeter walls using 2×4 wood studs.  We use 2×6 wood studs in our perimeter house walls. They cost more, but they give us a 37% thicker wall and the thicker the wall cavity, the more insulation we can install.  The 6” thick walls do cost more — more wood and more insulation, but they are better.

Insulation is graded by R-Value. R-Value is a measure of insulation’s ability to resist heat traveling through it. The higher the R-Value of the insulation is, the better the thermal performance of the insulation.  The important thing to remember is that the higher the R-value, the cheaper it is to heat or cool your house.

There are all types of insulation products being used.  Due to cost most production home builders use fiberglass batt insulation in their 4” thick walls.  This inulation has an R-value of 13.  As our base system, we use a sprayed cellulose insulation in our 6” thick perimeter house wall.  This is Energy Star rated and has an R-value equal to 23.  Then, we have an option to upgrade our system by spraying ½” thick Urethane foam and then installing a 5 1/2” thick fiberglass batt.  This system is also Energy Star rated and has an R-value of 27.

Let’s all agree that the cost of energy will never go down.  Our primary goal is to reduce utility bills and reduce your yearly operating cost of your home. Can we build with 2×4 walls, you bet and it will cost less, yes in the construction costs but not over the life of the home.